Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I never said it!

jus in case i never said it i love you i love you for bein there for me n bein tough on me when the world jus gave up! jus n case i never said it thanx for lovein me back thanx for bein there when no one else was around thanx for bein the one that was there when i looked back and every one else was gone .....jus n case i never said it i know im hell n i kw im not perfect im depressing n self destructive jus n case i never said thanx for rensurein me that i am as awsome as God has made me and i thank God for blessing me whit ur presence for im unworhty of ur love but yet u loved me anyway jus incase i never said it i love u and thanks for all u've done im eternally n ur debt ! love u always n forever n never forget it !

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Heros i ment My Heroines

i have none i look up to me which means im lookin dwn which also means im goin no were

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Emocore Beauty

i feel safest in the dark cryin because he broke me heart i kinda love da feelin of pain and depresion and dark side i gotta obbesion wit skeltons but dnt think ima deomon worshipin freak cus im not im jus a depressing pesmestic fuker who lives for nunen but love even doe it hurt so bad i keep cumin back because da pain feel so good but it hurt u gotta understand dat im weak n i loved to be controled by the oppiste sex naw i anit stupid im jus inlove wit the pain bein in love brings .......bring me some light ....ill love u if u bring me back ..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Ministering Angel Shall My Sister Be


~Then Again~

My first love,my sister,my best friend i really miss her so but its fine cus we soon takein over the world ...i don't think they ready for us though....she broke my heart many of times n pissed me off more times den i can count but i love her and can't wait to soon see her but she's beautiful and obiously have an eye for beauty heres a few photos she took i love them were takeing over this world im modeling and she gone b the photographer,,,,im modelin cus thier isn't much i kw how to do or live for i live for love beauty fashion and my Lord...him comeing first as always..but im ramblein i can go on forever about nothing so ima leave at i love you sis we got it .......yea she took these...

~Beautiful Sunset~

~My cuzin..dem fukers in love~


~Im the bum on da bence lol n yes i was really sleep~

Monday, August 30, 2010

me n men

i've learned the hard way that when men are nice to u when they want sumen if only i had a father to tell me dat i wudnt b so damn fuked up n da head n so love less n seekin it n anyone who look my way i always wanted a guy tjat was bigger den men a protecter so i can have that false sence of surcurity my daddy didnt give me ...i wudnt be such a whore if he was der to scare away the guys dat didnt want nunen but sex ...who ever reallly loved me ..not i ...not him him him him him him him him nor him.At skool i herd his mother died n i felt for him cus he was der for me everytime i was dwn everytime i had a bad day at skool i went to him so i trusted him this was everyday four years i grew n learned from what he told me i grew to love n respect him n dat last year he saw me at da store i trusted him so i tuk dat ride...didnt kw it was to his hotel to fuk me of course but ima big girl n he anit dat damn stupid so i wlked strait back home he didt kw were i stayed he hit me up on da book to ask was happen to me n da rest is history dis guy was like a father to me but he jus wanted to fuk me ...

Thursday, August 26, 2010


i seacreatly love her (no homo shit like dat)but i love her be cause she kw who she is and who she wanna b and what shes's liven,,, for she has beauty and brasins all i ever wanted...and her shit togetha n dats one thang i dnt she's all around beautiful no shes not fashion model beautiful but shes the girl next door i love my best friend beautiful...she;s everything im not and everything i wanna b dnt get me wrong i love me but im like a classless version of her and she go get wat she wants while i sit around and wait for it to happen but hey when u do nunen for a long period of time sumone asking you to do sumthing is one of the hardest thing on earth ,,,, ima get better doe slowly but surely

Never Was A HERO

all i wanted to do is b a hero all i eva wondered n life was y is der so much pain n da world wen i was younger i thought i cud change it i was so sesitve i cried wen i saw fights becuse i wonder y dey wud wanna hurt sumbdy n y dey was so mean to each other now dat im 18 i still dnt kw y i never can get dat mad even if i wanted to i always cryed wen sumone screamed at me it hurt me ive been called a crybaby i jus was sad cus i had to witness all da hate n pain da world plp told me der story n i cried bcause i saw n felt der pain dey held n side i jus wanted to reach nto der soul n take all da pain away n i kw if u take all da pain sumwere it will have to go sumwere i wu take it all i will suffer wit it nside me jus to see everybody happy n ive noticed dat dat sounds like sumone i kw n dats Jesus he's already done wat ive ben tryna do my whole life n dats b a hero to everyone n anyone dat had pain nside dem but i noticed dat i dnt have dat kind of power all i eva wated to see happyness bet u like how cud sumbdy b so sensitive how cud sumbdy not wen i love sumbdy i love hard n wit all i got i never hold back so now i see myself wishin i cud play God im not a hero i jus wish i was i wish i cud take all da pain 4m da world away but never will i ever have dat power i bared dis cross 4 so long n its heavy im ready to let it go never will i ever b a hero myb jus mayb i learn to pray n give thanx to da reall hero i jus want da pain of and n da world to end!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bored But Beautiful..

ok yall ima mke this kwik cus a niggaa high as hell today was boreig went with my cuzzin to the park but i stll looked god VAIN I KW

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Do She Have On????

when i comes to fashion i don't follow any rules if i feel like were strips with poca dots thats what i will have on but my style is girly with a hard bipolar edge , cute but firce

FInding My self FInding the shawdows

LOVE ME!!!!!

So im moveing before long and im going to miss a select few my family of course my mama she always needed my help and now its time for me to stand on my own this is a choice its not like im forced to go but i know i need to grow and become a better Re'gine' but i want to say for one reason till the summer is over is for my boyfriend but i can't just stay here for him doing nothing .....he wanted me to go to school with him and start a family while he's in college but that was that new love talking and i'm glad he told me that because the llove i had for him encouraged me to graduate high school and become somebody he told me to PROMISE i will go to college and i will keep that promise for sure he made me better he belive in me more then i beive in myself doe we argue alot i kw he's loves me for just that i applied and got into the college he attends but i would be just going for him and thats never a good reason to go to school just because you're in love i kw in my heart the love is gone last so i don't mind going away and growing up i need that.........mwahhh kisses to you my babe!

I Just love crop topsIt's Hot this summer Ex short shorts in heels makes the legs look longer!!
Make up is always BOLD! Dressed down the look with some old sneaks!!
MOnekey C Monkey Lisa CLimbing Trees extraordinary shot!!!!
Fashionista in training even thought she hates my style...but she loves black!!!!She hated that shirt because the slevees were too puffy but i love that shirt!!!My mama was fiina get ride of these and i snatched em up!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fantasy Closet

Ok so im 19 no job and out of school for the moment so im bumb right about now but its all good ima ger there....and im a fashion freak this is my fantasy closet ima get this stuff one day these are only a few of my must haves!

  • Jessica Simpson Sabina - Black Leather
  • $110 - heels.com

  • Betseyville Animal Instinct Satchel
  • $110 - buckle.com

Splurge! ok im thru this is not the end of my fantasy closet i'll be back!

Straveing for some Creativty

I took these a couple of nights ago i was trying to do something creative but i cudnt think of anything to draw so i looked around the room for some insperation and my wall was filled with old fashion magazins covers....the rest was up to me..


ok so today is not that great im slowly giveing up on this guy but the love i have for him will not allow me to do such a thing were better toghether then futher apart (go that from big brother breakin my heart) and it works best for my situation its like he dnt understand me i'm a crybaby yes im dramatic yes but his mistake was tellin me he loved me becus i belive him i have no dought in my heart that he loves me but hes afraid of something ...im the type of person that lives for love loves means the most to me cus its free but its harder to come by then a million buck except from the lord of course my unk gave me this long spech bout how i shudnt have to ask if this guy loves but he shud show it but he's afraid of something and i have yet to kw what it is....the story continues forever becausei love him and im not giveing up on himm i gotta feeling alot of his old girlfriends have but when i look into his eyes i feel loved like i said earlier when we apart he's mean to me but when were together he treats me like a queen of course we have i silly stupid moments when we mess with each other but it's fun it's real i kw who he is but there is alot i have yet to learn.......

Sunday, July 4, 2010