Monday, August 30, 2010

me n men

i've learned the hard way that when men are nice to u when they want sumen if only i had a father to tell me dat i wudnt b so damn fuked up n da head n so love less n seekin it n anyone who look my way i always wanted a guy tjat was bigger den men a protecter so i can have that false sence of surcurity my daddy didnt give me ...i wudnt be such a whore if he was der to scare away the guys dat didnt want nunen but sex ...who ever reallly loved me ..not i ...not him him him him him him him him nor him.At skool i herd his mother died n i felt for him cus he was der for me everytime i was dwn everytime i had a bad day at skool i went to him so i trusted him this was everyday four years i grew n learned from what he told me i grew to love n respect him n dat last year he saw me at da store i trusted him so i tuk dat ride...didnt kw it was to his hotel to fuk me of course but ima big girl n he anit dat damn stupid so i wlked strait back home he didt kw were i stayed he hit me up on da book to ask was happen to me n da rest is history dis guy was like a father to me but he jus wanted to fuk me ...

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