Thursday, September 19, 2013


im writeing to tell you goodbye your so pretty u so sexy u feel so damn good to me but ur no good ur a bitch u jus smell good ur a bitch u ruiend my fukin life thats what i get for love you ur self destructing ur fukin insane ur fukin off da chain im woth homso i wont love u i really dmt ur jus here here for now bit i fuked up i promised him i wudnt do it n look wat i went n did i cant do it for him if u do it for him then dnt stop do it for yourself..but ima mo fukin body a bitch a cry baby a whore ur absolutely noting but im every thing cus i saod i wudnt settle my thoughts spilling now fuk it i cant keep up with wat im writeimg im high so wat enjoy bit im tryna say hood bye but i got a big as bag n im not dat hogh yet bit yea if i decide if i wanna be a crack head ill write a book ill do it jus to see if i can stop

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

i fukin love u

I cant help the fact that I wanna be around nobdy but u I gave u my heart n I gotta be close to my heart so I gotta be close to u even done u shatter it n shatter it time n time again I say so huh fix dis shit u broke it I know u love me so u better fukin fix it u broke it so u better fukin fix it y cus I love u n I wanna live happily ever after I may talk like I got low self esttem but I know my worth ima damn good girl friend n im damn sure wife material my heart is so big I can I not love u so much even after u keep breakin my heart

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hot cock

So im horny tonight i have no one to release this pressure i have no one to expload these juices i anit been eat shit but fruit so i kno i tase like a fukin fruit sald i tried to masterbate n fanisize about how good that dick wud feel inside me i tried to stick bubbles up there but it did fill me up like that fat dick did im so skinny but i take all the dick frm the back frm the side layin on my stomach while he climb on top of me spread my pussy out wide so all my pussy can soak up his giant dick i love all the moves but i hate to ride cus it hurt my thighs but he love it so i do it anyway i need it i want it i crave it im hooked im addicted my pussy wet now its screaming for u

Sunday, July 21, 2013

stay focused

Now can i actully live life without giveing a fuk .i didnt do dis shit my self u helped me but my mama thought mey stepdaddy mama thought me better so i decided to give a fuk cus my happines depended on it if im happy ur happy n u make me happy so i gotta be next to with u not away frm im scared ill becum a crackhead n start sellin my body with out u cus my mama said it was ok

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

love me

daddy was never der he was a crack head but i hered he loved me the most he has the beautiful one tatted on his chest in front of his heart for me i guess he love or was it jus his ego cus i looked jus like him..i dnt kno him but i kno i love mama she loves me but wont admit it becus of how her mama treated her...but i love her more then life ...every boy that ever claimed to have loved me broke my heart i had no friends no one gets me its kinda hard to love yourself when no one else do or atleaast show it

suicide watch

i wish i was dead then they will love me thats all i want i want quit i want peace i want it all to stand still i want it all to end no more me n ill be in heaven if i survie but if i end it ill go to hell slice my wrist slice my thort jump off the biggest bridge with a cement block attched to it they dont understand they never will of how hard my heart broke i feel nothing i cant hear nothing the smile is sinester im happy cus i love that pain of hate of greed of anger of death of darkness of not knowing if god is really real i dnt know he not here to touch my heart to make it warm like it once was im stupid im ugly im selfish no one will ever love me after death there is nothing so u have to steal kill lie decive n hate n fuk everyone while ur hear...ur here to stay to eitha die or survive but ion see dat happening im blind i cant see i cant here i want u i me i want it

Thursday, July 5, 2012

u give urself an excuse to tlk to other bitches dat dnt care for u or love how i do by saying were young my mama said i shudnt be as close to u or kno all ur personal info but u had sumthing to hide n still do u give ur self excuses to do what u do cus jus like it took u so long to find a good faithful girl that was actully decent looking if we was to break up it may take a while but ull find another but what if u dnt what if u fuk dis up jus cus u make excuses to do dirt thats like an athist say i dnt belive n God as an excuse to do whatever da fuk dey want n life wit no regreat or remorse u a child a god so he kno u kno better yea u wit me evryday n it does say alot but liveing seacret lives behind someones back is straight up cowardly if u dnt wanna be wit me then dont im not forceing u if u dnt see ur life wit me den dnt waste ur youth on me see this my thing yea im young but i dnt wanna be 30 lookin for love n were most men fuk up is when dey got sumone good but fuk up den ur 30 years old perveing on 18 year olds girls lookin at u like wtf yo old dryed up ball sack lookin at cus dats how i be i hate when an old as man try to holla at me smh im totaly n completely faithfukl niggas spaming my inbox ex dat destroyed me want me back now i find dat really funny but owell but i want what god plan a family a house n a food to feed them everynight n to enjoy life while here waiting to get to heaven nawl im not perfect yea ima crybaby yea i tend to feel sorry for myself n i know plp dnt wanna here dat shit n ruin plps mode n everytime i applogized cus i can be overdramtic n extra emotional but im human my heart is big i rather cry then be angry n end up smake kicking or fightin sumbdy i rather cry then to yell say mean things i rather cry then to drink or smoke my pain away i rather cry then hold it n then jus snaping n end up killing sumbdy ing does not show weakness it shows streath shows that ur vonarable enough to show that ur really human smh my life isnt that hard sumtimes i make it hard but i also wonder were wud plp be if i was never here never born ughh i always ramble n get off topic but y make excuses for wrong doin like what im doing is fine u never know what the future may bring yea tru u never know by effin over sumone so good to u ok im done my min d went blank guess im ready to sleep dats all for now