Sunday, February 27, 2011

gahh wat to damn do

ok so i got dis dang on blog so ima put dis bitch more to use ....ok so to anyone dat cares im n da healin process days are gettin better slowly but sure im tryna cut dis person dat has left scars apon my heart go n let em go forever or untill the scars fade gosh i dnt kw what to do but he wont let me let go but at da same time he only wants me when he feel its convintient for him ...uhhh im scared whats gonna happen dis summer hes gonna come back home n gonna want me to be wit him ...ok ion wanna tlk about him any more i wanna tlk about my sis den again mayb not cus i mite start cryin n im already sick n ion wanna deal wit dat shit ok maybe nxt time..finna sleep now