Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Ministering Angel Shall My Sister Be


~Then Again~

My first love,my sister,my best friend i really miss her so but its fine cus we soon takein over the world ...i don't think they ready for us though....she broke my heart many of times n pissed me off more times den i can count but i love her and can't wait to soon see her but she's beautiful and obiously have an eye for beauty heres a few photos she took i love them were takeing over this world im modeling and she gone b the photographer,,,,im modelin cus thier isn't much i kw how to do or live for i live for love beauty fashion and my Lord...him comeing first as always..but im ramblein i can go on forever about nothing so ima leave at i love you sis we got it .......yea she took these...

~Beautiful Sunset~

~My cuzin..dem fukers in love~


~Im the bum on da bence lol n yes i was really sleep~