Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Do She Have On????

when i comes to fashion i don't follow any rules if i feel like were strips with poca dots thats what i will have on but my style is girly with a hard bipolar edge , cute but firce

FInding My self FInding the shawdows

LOVE ME!!!!!

So im moveing before long and im going to miss a select few my family of course my mama she always needed my help and now its time for me to stand on my own this is a choice its not like im forced to go but i know i need to grow and become a better Re'gine' but i want to say for one reason till the summer is over is for my boyfriend but i can't just stay here for him doing nothing .....he wanted me to go to school with him and start a family while he's in college but that was that new love talking and i'm glad he told me that because the llove i had for him encouraged me to graduate high school and become somebody he told me to PROMISE i will go to college and i will keep that promise for sure he made me better he belive in me more then i beive in myself doe we argue alot i kw he's loves me for just that i applied and got into the college he attends but i would be just going for him and thats never a good reason to go to school just because you're in love i kw in my heart the love is gone last so i don't mind going away and growing up i need that.........mwahhh kisses to you my babe!

I Just love crop topsIt's Hot this summer Ex short shorts in heels makes the legs look longer!!
Make up is always BOLD! Dressed down the look with some old sneaks!!
MOnekey C Monkey Lisa CLimbing Trees extraordinary shot!!!!
Fashionista in training even thought she hates my style...but she loves black!!!!She hated that shirt because the slevees were too puffy but i love that shirt!!!My mama was fiina get ride of these and i snatched em up!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fantasy Closet

Ok so im 19 no job and out of school for the moment so im bumb right about now but its all good ima ger there....and im a fashion freak this is my fantasy closet ima get this stuff one day these are only a few of my must haves!

  • Jessica Simpson Sabina - Black Leather
  • $110 -

  • Betseyville Animal Instinct Satchel
  • $110 -

Splurge! ok im thru this is not the end of my fantasy closet i'll be back!

Straveing for some Creativty

I took these a couple of nights ago i was trying to do something creative but i cudnt think of anything to draw so i looked around the room for some insperation and my wall was filled with old fashion magazins covers....the rest was up to me..


ok so today is not that great im slowly giveing up on this guy but the love i have for him will not allow me to do such a thing were better toghether then futher apart (go that from big brother breakin my heart) and it works best for my situation its like he dnt understand me i'm a crybaby yes im dramatic yes but his mistake was tellin me he loved me becus i belive him i have no dought in my heart that he loves me but hes afraid of something the type of person that lives for love loves means the most to me cus its free but its harder to come by then a million buck except from the lord of course my unk gave me this long spech bout how i shudnt have to ask if this guy loves but he shud show it but he's afraid of something and i have yet to kw what it is....the story continues forever becausei love him and im not giveing up on himm i gotta feeling alot of his old girlfriends have but when i look into his eyes i feel loved like i said earlier when we apart he's mean to me but when were together he treats me like a queen of course we have i silly stupid moments when we mess with each other but it's fun it's real i kw who he is but there is alot i have yet to learn.......

Sunday, July 4, 2010