Saturday, March 26, 2011

traped in my mind

i feel safe here but then i start to go crazy cus i cant dare get out this mutha fuka be continued

Monday, March 21, 2011

finally free

i loved him i cried over him he broke my heart i cursed him i hated him but the lord he love me he here my cry he heal my broken heart cus i came to him now that otha guy im able to forgive him but the memory refuse to stay n da abbys of my mind i guess ill rember it as a lesson learnd ......he used and abouse me many times and i allowed him to i loved him more than anything in this wolrd feelins writein n dis blog entry doesnt hurt that much n things arnt flowing out like they usally do i guess becuse i prayed n he took all my anger n hurt away im ok im beautiful ....IM FINALLY FREE .... i can smile and really mean it here to say im gonna now on live a life of c becus i will never make that mistake ever again i will have sumone truly n honestly fall madly inlove wit me cus i know i deserve it n God knows thats all i truly want !!!