Friday, February 11, 2011

some thoughts

damn i got dandruff like a muthafuka y blog dis idk i jus write dwn what comes out n dats what came thogh it got nunen to do what im bout to tlk about man i find myself tryna fakk inlove with any and everybody the last post i figrued dat out but my bruh bruh reinsured me of what i already knew im very selfcentered so im well aware of my self so i kw im n da healin process so now dick for me is off limet cus i fukied uo n confuse lust wit love so im tryna find me again learn to fall in love wit me again ...uhh dats it for now i decided not to write everything on fb my family thinks im fukin phyco shid maybe i am but i kw im fukin missunderstood by most plp but the plp that embrace my diffrences fall in love wit me everyone else jus fear what de dnt kw shid fine by me cus i grow attached to plpto kwik n if dey do me wrong i cry for a long time so im startin to ramble so ill end it here...wish i had a blunt