Tuesday, July 6, 2010


ok so today is not that great im slowly giveing up on this guy but the love i have for him will not allow me to do such a thing were better toghether then futher apart (go that from big brother breakin my heart) and it works best for my situation its like he dnt understand me i'm a crybaby yes im dramatic yes but his mistake was tellin me he loved me becus i belive him i have no dought in my heart that he loves me but hes afraid of something ...im the type of person that lives for love loves means the most to me cus its free but its harder to come by then a million buck except from the lord of course my unk gave me this long spech bout how i shudnt have to ask if this guy loves but he shud show it but he's afraid of something and i have yet to kw what it is....the story continues forever becausei love him and im not giveing up on himm i gotta feeling alot of his old girlfriends have but when i look into his eyes i feel loved like i said earlier when we apart he's mean to me but when were together he treats me like a queen of course we have i silly stupid moments when we mess with each other but it's fun it's real i kw who he is but there is alot i have yet to learn.......

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