Thursday, September 19, 2013


im writeing to tell you goodbye your so pretty u so sexy u feel so damn good to me but ur no good ur a bitch u jus smell good ur a bitch u ruiend my fukin life thats what i get for love you ur self destructing ur fukin insane ur fukin off da chain im woth homso i wont love u i really dmt ur jus here here for now bit i fuked up i promised him i wudnt do it n look wat i went n did i cant do it for him if u do it for him then dnt stop do it for yourself..but ima mo fukin body a bitch a cry baby a whore ur absolutely noting but im every thing cus i saod i wudnt settle my thoughts spilling now fuk it i cant keep up with wat im writeimg im high so wat enjoy bit im tryna say hood bye but i got a big as bag n im not dat hogh yet bit yea if i decide if i wanna be a crack head ill write a book ill do it jus to see if i can stop