Thursday, July 5, 2012

u give urself an excuse to tlk to other bitches dat dnt care for u or love how i do by saying were young my mama said i shudnt be as close to u or kno all ur personal info but u had sumthing to hide n still do u give ur self excuses to do what u do cus jus like it took u so long to find a good faithful girl that was actully decent looking if we was to break up it may take a while but ull find another but what if u dnt what if u fuk dis up jus cus u make excuses to do dirt thats like an athist say i dnt belive n God as an excuse to do whatever da fuk dey want n life wit no regreat or remorse u a child a god so he kno u kno better yea u wit me evryday n it does say alot but liveing seacret lives behind someones back is straight up cowardly if u dnt wanna be wit me then dont im not forceing u if u dnt see ur life wit me den dnt waste ur youth on me see this my thing yea im young but i dnt wanna be 30 lookin for love n were most men fuk up is when dey got sumone good but fuk up den ur 30 years old perveing on 18 year olds girls lookin at u like wtf yo old dryed up ball sack lookin at cus dats how i be i hate when an old as man try to holla at me smh im totaly n completely faithfukl niggas spaming my inbox ex dat destroyed me want me back now i find dat really funny but owell but i want what god plan a family a house n a food to feed them everynight n to enjoy life while here waiting to get to heaven nawl im not perfect yea ima crybaby yea i tend to feel sorry for myself n i know plp dnt wanna here dat shit n ruin plps mode n everytime i applogized cus i can be overdramtic n extra emotional but im human my heart is big i rather cry then be angry n end up smake kicking or fightin sumbdy i rather cry then to yell say mean things i rather cry then to drink or smoke my pain away i rather cry then hold it n then jus snaping n end up killing sumbdy ing does not show weakness it shows streath shows that ur vonarable enough to show that ur really human smh my life isnt that hard sumtimes i make it hard but i also wonder were wud plp be if i was never here never born ughh i always ramble n get off topic but y make excuses for wrong doin like what im doing is fine u never know what the future may bring yea tru u never know by effin over sumone so good to u ok im done my min d went blank guess im ready to sleep dats all for now