Sunday, April 17, 2011

keep it sexi keep it simple keep it fun!

ok ok ok this my last pitty party entry after dis its gonna b all about fashion n photogrphy which wat it was spose to be then it turned nto a place to vent ok were do i start....ok i met dis really nice guy nick name happy really suits him cus he really tends to make me happy theeeeeeeeeeen i went n start doin my usual bitchy i need attention mood i get n start drivein him away we are really good friends we have so much fun togetha i jus hope i dnt fuk it up bout time he leave cus when he do cum back he anit gone wanna cum back n hang wit me so n away im explainin myself n sayin sorry its jus been my way of drivein boys that like me a way subconsicencely it cud be on pourpose but he's way to awsome ..sum plp say its my way of tryin to get n a realationship but im not but its jus dat i started catchin feelins but im tryna keep it light so when summer cum i wont miss him as much im ready to buckle dwn on skool findin a job n getin a car or scooter havein sidekick n da side cart lmao makein summer the best i eva had so ima keep it light keep it sexi im jus 19 i cnt keep doin this to myself gonna stop drivein plp away cus were jus tryna have fun but them my bipolar kick n n i start trip ugh lol perks of bein a gemini huh lol yea dats what ima blame it on lol

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