Thursday, April 14, 2011

I love em!

so yea i was chillin wit a friend today p.s hes so choclate n sexii lol jus how i like em but he was playin beautiful gospal musik n i jus felt so far from God lysten to that musik i mean n dis horrable world i kw sumtimes plp think he isnt real n when im dwn n out n feel like blamein sumbdy besides me i say he came b then automaticlly say sorry i kw he is cus i kw dats jus me bein ingreatful talkin i ramble alot i got off subject kinda...but anyway he play plp get ready a gospal song idk who sing but i kw i song it alot n the choir i mean its tru when they God gives u a talent n if u dnt use he takes it away cus i usta sing beautifully lol now i dnt even like the sound of my own voice tlkin but the one really tru reason y i kw for a fact that their is a God is because she loved him n she belived him she is my stepgrandmother best person i eva met . i think my life wud be way better if he wuda let her stick arnd but i guess it was her time i was so mad for a long time when he took her away i still think of her to this day im tryna change for her she was the only person besides God himself i looked up to ....ok i got more to say but i gotta go back to class compleate thought i love My God so me becus he love me back wit no conditions ....

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