Tuesday, April 5, 2011

cant pray

Sumen happen long da way as she grew up for sum strange reason she grew dumb n blind cus once opan a time she saw things clear but as she grew her vision started to fade see the glass she was lookin out of was once clear but sumone jus kept throwin rocks called heartbreak at da window n da glass is jus so cracked she cant see out da window anymore so she continue to look n pretend all is well pretend thers no crack but shes cryin and her vision is blurd cus she cant see threw da tears she try to pretend dey arnt der laf laf laf n jus joke offd da pain as if wasnt eatin her alive "oh no fuk dat ima big girl now" she said she said whats da point of prayin when u feel guilty when u do cus im un worthy of him keep forgivein me when i kw deep dwn ima keep doin it isnt it any wonder i kant be blessed but shes said she love him and she keep a wantin to ask for things but feel she dnt desrve em but mayb she dnt but she shud try praying again i jus dnt wanna b sad again ...i ment she dnt shes tierd of cry

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