Tuesday, January 8, 2013

suicide watch

i wish i was dead then they will love me thats all i want i want quit i want peace i want it all to stand still i want it all to end no more me n ill be in heaven if i survie but if i end it ill go to hell slice my wrist slice my thort jump off the biggest bridge with a cement block attched to it they dont understand they never will of how hard my heart broke i feel nothing i cant hear nothing the smile is sinester im happy cus i love that pain of hate of greed of anger of death of darkness of not knowing if god is really real i dnt know he not here to touch my heart to make it warm like it once was im stupid im ugly im selfish no one will ever love me after death there is nothing so u have to steal kill lie decive n hate n fuk everyone while ur hear...ur here to stay to eitha die or survive but ion see dat happening im blind i cant see i cant here i want u i me i want it

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