Tuesday, March 8, 2011

smoke free

so im at skool now done fuked up n wlked out damn near cused out my teacher on dat sleepy shit cus a nigga was high so im tryna kwit for many reasons n dis one ben one more im not tryna look old im too damn full of my self for dat n da worse thing is dat i jus use dudes dat use me for their weed im jus glad im da smart one out of the dudes i take weed from cus i get what i want which is weed n dey neva get what dey want cus i keep me a good excuse..sex is what dey want but im not wit dat shit n im so ova dis shit im dealin wit dats y im bout to kwit ....ight im out bout to go back to class i guess jus had to tlk to sumbdy who cares ....anybody dat read dis damn blog...

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