Wednesday, January 12, 2011

kwit fukin me deep bitch

i jus imagaine how betta i cuda been if i had ur love if i was never forced to get fuked by him him and him if u loved me the way i neeedded to i only felt love when i felt the dick in me see i fuked up and confused love wit sex i wanna dick but hurt so bad i wanted love so much but it hurt so bad sumen i want so much shud neva hurt dis bad .....u were the first man to break my heart i cant do nunen bout it nitha can u but u dnt deserve me u forgot to love me so u wont here from me till my heart is healed....u got that power that i refuse to give to any other guythe power to keep me from movein on the power of self destrution they say shudnt blame u n rise above yo faults ...

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